Translation –  general and specialized

Life sciences, legal and marketing; and also software, leisure and tourism, Industry, HR & Training, textile and fashion and finance are some of our work areas.

Our specialized translators are trained linguists focused on a specific knowledge area. Our expert reviewers ensure terminology and language use comply with subject matter or industry conventions. Quality control ensures everything runs smoothly and any obstacles are dealt with along the way. Deadlines rule.

Multilingual project management

Our team includes not only translators, but also reviewers, terminologists, quality managers, proofreaders, editors, all coordinated by project managers.

Our Project Managers are your go-to person for any project you have, be it a large volume multilingual project or a small update to a brochure.

The PMs put together the exact team required for your needs and ensure communication with those in charge on your side.


Language consulting

Our services include also audio transcription, copywriting, text review, language sign-off, desktop publishing, quality assessment, terminology management, interpreting and language training.

Communicating in other languages means a lot more than translating a written text from one language to another. Content comes in many different formats. Each business area has different requirements. We are here to help.



All our team members undergo strict selection and recruitment process and we invest in CPD


We have optimized feedback mechanisms and team communication tools


All our projects undergo multi-level linguistic quality-checks


The latest versions of CAT tools and QA tools support our daily tasks


Our subject matter experts ensure technical revision and validation

Customer Requirements

Professional terminology management and creation of style guides ensures compliance with customer-specific demands