Welcoming ELIA CONFERENCE: our “Porto from A to Z” guide

Elia is the European not-for-profit trade association of language service companies.

Multi is proud to be a local sponsor of the upcoming Elia ND Focus conference dedicated to Project Managers and which will be taking place on 13-14 September in Porto!

Because we like our city so much we really hope everyone coming for the event spares some time getting to know Porto and how much it has to offer. Porto has become a fashionable destination and abundant information can easily be found online to serve almost any tourist preference.

To help ELIA visitors get started, our team has decided to put together the “Porto from A to Z” guide. So, if you are coming to the conference, we hope this may help you find that exact piece of information you need for making the most of these days in Porto.

Have a look and enjoy!

A – Afurada

B – Bridges

C – Clérigos

D – Dragão

E – Elétrico – Portuguese for ‘tram’

F – Francesinha

G – Gardens

H – Hop-on buses are out. Look for the locals!

I – Invicta – ‘the undefeated city’

J – João – Saint John Festival

K – Katty Xiomara, fashion designer

L – Leixões

M – Museums

N – Nata tart

O – Ocean, sun and fun

P – Portus Cale, the city Portugal was named after

Q – Quality of life

R – Rabelo boats

S – Siza Vieira, architect

T – Tripeiro

U – UNESCO World Heritage Site

V – Vandoma Flea Market

W – Wine

X – marks the spot. Let us meet there!

Y – Yummy

Z – Zones


PS – Still lost? Just get in touch. We are always glad to help.

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